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Our Process

Step 1

Laminar Consulting utilizes our specialized software solutions to create customized sales enablement, marketing engagement, and workflow tools to address your specific business needs.

Step 2

We leverage the latest technology, business platform integrations, and industry experience to empower your business and its partners to thrive in any competitive marketplace.

Step 3

The Result? You gain a strategic business partner you can depend on. Our experienced consultants work with you to identify your business objectives, and create efficient solutions that increase your productivity and revenue, all the while minimizing time and cost more than that of other technology consulting firms.

Who is Laminar?

Laminar Consulting Services is a mobile and desktop application development firm with a history of providing high quality solutions in marketing engagement, custom sales enablement, virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies, and workflow tools designed to address your specific business needs.

Our software solutions leverage our ability to utilize the latest technology and business platform integrations, with our industry expertise, to provide your business with the cutting-edge solutions to efficiently respond to the rapid business challenges commonly faced in today’s marketplace.

Laminar’s highly qualified and skilled consultants take the time to truly understand your business objectives and create personalized solutions to reduce your costs, enhance your productivity, and most importantly, increase your revenue.

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Our Solutions

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Analytics & Reporting

  • Quality Assurance


At Laminar Consulting, we help you take your marketing initiatives to the next level. We Leverage our consultant’s experience with other customer’s industries, and combine it with emerging technologies, to empower your marketing programs through state of the art business solutions. Our solutions give you better customer insights that enable tailored marketing and servicing to improve customer relationships. We create technology experiences that boost engagement, and make us all more connected.

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Utilizing new technologies provide great opportunities for agile sales and service. At Laminar, we implement specialized sales and technology tools through custom applications and platforms to help your sales force to engage in more meaningful discussions via intuitive application experiences. This helps your sales organization to build stronger relationships, increase sales velocity and most importantly, increase revenue.

Analytics & Reporting

Creating compelling reporting data is crucial in driving processes and gaining the competitive advantage. At Laminar Consulting, we help you stay one step ahead by providing key performance metrics and analytics along with data visualization to allow you to better assess trends and create rich compelling visuals to deliver easily consumable information to your customers on their own terms.

Quality Assurance

Laminar Consulting utilizes our proven quality assurance processes and methods to assess your organizations current procedures and provide solutions specific to your project and IT department. Our Key QA Benefits Include:

  • Increasing the overall quality of your software
  • Tools are implemented for increased efficiency, greater collaboration, and significant cost savings
  • Software testing that provides key metrics in determining health, resources, and requirements
  • Test outsourcing to reduce overhead while freeing up time and money for business expansion

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