VCA Inc.

company background

Company Background

VCA Inc. operates the largest network of veterinary hospitals and clinical laboratories in the United States, controlling nearly 250 hospitals and a network of diagnostic laboratories that serve approximately 13,000 animal hospitals and veterinarians in all 50 states. VCA’s animal hospitals offer a complete range of surgical and general medical services, pharmaceutical products, and pet wellness programs. The company’s clinical laboratories, capable of performing more than 20 million tests annually, provide sophisticated testing and consulting services used in the detection, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases affecting animals.

Project Background

In early discussions laminar Consulting discovered that VCA was not using any sort of centralized application to run their day-to-day operations. The larger hospitals resorted to using an elaborate spreadsheet that was put together by a senior hospital manager. The spreadsheet was used to manage payroll scheduling Hospital Staffing and financials. Spreadsheets were then uploaded on a daily basis to VCA corporate headquarters in order to run daily monthly and quarterly balances. The biggest expense hospitolsincurre is

The biggest expense hospitals face is payroll and if Scheduling and Staffing are out of balance it costs the hospitals greatly. VCAclearly needed a longer-term solution in a short amount of time so VCA approached laminar consulting services to design, develop and deploy a web application which would replace the spread sheet and centralize hospital operational information. This would eliminate the manual upload process and any data entry errors using the older spreadsheet method. It also would provide VCA management better visibility into the daily business operations across the 1000s of hospitals across the US and Canada.



The new application needed to provide the following functionality

Scheduling: Both Customers and Staff in ensure the correct level of staff is available for types and numbers of services to be performed on a daily basis.

Payroll: Keeping accurate hours and costs associated with staff types and levels on a daily basis

Analysis: Reporting so Hospital Managers and make informed decisions on the day to day operations of their hospital(s)
The project was 6 months long and completed on time and on budget.

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