Why Migrate to the Cloud Now?

By: Sean Cummings

November 21, 2022

Why Migrate to the Cloud Now?

In today’s rapidly evolving computing environment, many organizations using legacy applications are struggling to keep up with advancements. Thankfully, cloud migration services offer a relatively straightforward way to address this issue.

The cloud platform has become the ideal method for aiding in disaster recovery and improving data integrity company-wide. Successful cloud migration can also vastly improve business performance at many levels.

If you’ve been seeking cloud migration services, read on to learn why it’s never been a better time to get started.

3 Key Benefits of Cloud Migration in 2023

1. No Capital Outlays on Data Centers

Around half of the businesses that claim to migrate to the cloud, reported saving them significant capital on their infrastructure costs.

Cloud migration makes it possible for companies to shed IT hardware. Wherein access to data relies on the internet and remote servers. Unlike traditional IT hardware that requires major up-front capital and a skilled IT staff to implement it, cloud solutions make it possible to only pay for what you use.

To enjoy these benefits, moving data safely to the cloud demands a solid strategy tailored to your unique situation. Success also hinges on selecting the best cloud provider. That’s why Laminar works with both AWS and Microsoft Azure setups—providing affordable, fast, and flexible cloud platform solutions for businesses wanting secure, reliable access to their data.

2. Cloud Services Offer Greater Security

Today, data security is a top concern for most organizations. One of the leading migration benefits is the unparalleled security that cloud vendors can provide, which attempts to reduce the risk of a hack or data breach—a never-ending battle that’s costly to keep up with.

By offloading the risk from your existing infrastructure, you can save significant resources while increasing security. In fact, more than 40% of organizations that implemented an AWS migration enjoyed reductions in their yearly security incidents.

Through comprehensive security review, threat detection, and authentication processes, Laminar’s cloud services deliver secure storage and data solutions, all with reduced costs compared to many in-house solutions using simple migration tools.

3. Cloud Providers Offer Scalability

If you have big aspirations for growth, an on-premises data center can be a huge inhibitor. Beyond the benefits of enhanced security and reduced operating costs, cloud adoption also offers scalability that’s unparalleled.

The cloud offers new possibilities for growth, like leveraging remote work in different time zones. This also empowers organizations to expand brick-and-mortar locations while maintaining business continuity.

No matter the business case, cloud computing can improve the efficiency of the scaling process. By reducing the need for on-premises data centers at multiple locations, companies can shed the time-consuming process of setting up new systems from scratch.

Cloud Computing with Laminar Consulting

The cloud migration process can be daunting for many organizations, whatever their size or technical capabilities.

Thankfully, there’s a surefire way to ensure a smooth transition when updating your legacy infrastructure to the cloud environment. Tackle cloud migration challenges with the trusted experts at Laminar Consulting behind you.

Start your cloud migration journey on the right foot with trusted cloud migration services. For a free cloud migration assessment, contact our team at 888-531-9995 at Laminar Consulting today!

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