About us

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Streamlined Software Solutions

Our company’s mission is based on making your business’s technology efficient, up to date, and easy to use. We specialize in taking in taking your capabilities and expanding them beyond the software itself.

The Laminar Way

Our name, Laminar, comes from engineering teminology in which a “flow” occurs between two consistant streamlines. This is the essence of our approach to software, rooted in expertise and transparency.


We meet your needs for both the process and the product.


Your time & resources are valuable. Laminar demonstrates that respect through its process of working not just with you, but for you.

Respect for Process

Mutual cohesion is required for everyone to move forward in a timely manner. We deploy hand selected vetted experts for your solution’s delivery.

Valuing Experience

This is the core of our business, we only work with career  demostrated experts that have the capability to over deliver on your need.

Quest for Quality

Standards are what we consider the baseline. As experts and consultants, we are constantly striving to remain relevant to the top of line needs.

Breaking Boundaries Through Innovation

We bring the cutting edge tech to you in a simple and practical way.

Implementing Smart Design

Anyone can design a complex system and application. Laminar delivers efficient and user friendly systems

Engineering Excellence

Customer Experience is the Heart of what we do. Our process is collaborative, transparent, and proactive.