Axonics’ Digital Transformation with Laminar Consulting From Native Apple App to High-Performing Web Application

Company Spotlight: Axonics-Spearheading Incontinence Therapies

Nestled in Irvine, California’s medical technology nucleus, Axonics has etched its mark as a forerunner in the medical device landscape. Renowned for its innovative spirit, Axonics delivers exceptional incontinence therapies that elevate patients’ quality of life.

Product Highlight: Axonics’ Neruo-Modulation Devices

Distinguishing itself with its sacral neuro-modulation therapy devices, Axonics is changing the face of treatment for conditions like overactive bladder and urinary retention. Key to their offering is the Axonics System: a compact, rechargeable neuro-stimulator offering up to 15 years of service, minimizing surgeries’ financial and logistical burden. Furthermore, they’ve pioneered with Bulkamid, a cutting-edge hydrogel agent designed for female stress urinary incontinence.

The Digital Dilemma: Transitioning from Native Apple App

The Problem

  • Axonics relied on an iPad-specific quoting tool.
  • Frequent iOS updates disrupted the app’s functionality, necessitating manual workarounds for updated pricing dissemination.
  • Without access to the original developers or the app’s source code, Axonics faced a standstill.

The Web-Based Remedy by Laminar Consulting

Laminar, with its rich application development experience, devised a solution echoing Axonics’ requirements:

  • Replicate the native app’s behavior, ensuring minimal training overhead.
  • Implement PDF quote generation for seamless client interactions.
  • Transition to a cloud-first approach, adopting Microsoft Azure for both infrastructure and database needs. This eradicated the need for internal infrastructure planning.
  • Enhance security with Azure Active Directory synchronization, a vital upgrade from the original app’s void security framework.
  • Employ Angular 15 and REST API interfacing with an Azure SQL Database, ensuring agility and scalability.

Laminar’s Strategy

Understanding Axonics: In-depth consultations with Axonics’ decision-makers and sales influencers to capture the essence of their challenges.

Engineering a Web-Based Answer: Harnessing Microsoft and Java technologies, Laminar tailored a solution using open platforms like Angular. Additionally, integration with Azure SQL streamlined pricing updates via their ERP system, and a new PDF creation feature was introduced.

The Upshot: A year into its deployment, Axonics’ web solution stands robust. Catering to over 300 sales personnel and executives, the application boasts a zero-downtime record.

Conclusion: Laminar’s expertise turned Axonics’ challenge into an opportunity, delivering a state-of-the-art web-based application enhancing sales operations. If your business needs a seamless digital transition, look no further than Laminar Consulting.

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