Solution-Driven Business Process Management Software

Business Process Management Software Development

Business Process Management Software Development

Laminar Consulting provides BPM software development services for mid to large companies so they can more effectively manage their business processes for greater operational efficiency. Whether you need a custom solution or help with integrating your systems, Laminar has the experience to execute on your goals.

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BPM Development Services

The development team at Laminar Consulting has the experience necessary to build a custom BPM system that provides the functionality your company requires for achieving your business goals however big they may be.

We can develop a wide range of applications that assist with the management and optimization of your company’s business processes. These apps can greatly improve operational efficiency along with reducing the occurrences of human errors that can cost the company tens of thousands of dollars.

Just a few of the BPM software services Laminar Consulting provides include:

  • Business process management application development
  • BPM software workflow visualization and measurement tools
  • BPM software system integrations
  • BPM software customizations

Benefits of BPM Software

BPM software can help organizations lower their costs and increase operational efficiency in many areas of the business. This often leads to increased revenue and growth rates for companies. For everything from improved communications across teams to more business process transparency, BPM software helps deliver improved competitive advantages day in and day out.

Common Problems BPMS Can Solve

Inconsistent execution of business processes

Even the processes are ineffective if they aren’t consistently followed by all team members in the organization. Without consistent processes, it can be nearly impossible for an organization to identify how and where to improve.

Poor communication around processes

Ensuring processes are being carried out effectively requires a clear line of communication amongst teams and management. With tools like tagging, commenting, and messaging, a well-designed BPMS empowers employees to better communicate about the processes they follow.

Reducing Human Error

Anytime humans are involved, mistakes can happen. When processing large volumes of data, accuracy is crucial. No doubt, bad data comes with a high price, costing U.S. companies an average total of $3 trillion per year (Harvard Business Review). A well-planned BPMS can automate processes that have a high potential for human error, potentially saving companies millions over time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BPM Software?

Business process management (BPM) software systems are enterprise-level solutions that help automate redundancies and repetitive tasks, manage essential processing tasks, and improve process logic. BPM systems aim to optimize and accelerate processes across the organization for greater overall efficiency.

Why should you consider BPM Software?

Without software to track, measure, and optimize business processes, leadership teams are left wandering in the dark and grabbing at straws for solutions to inefficiencies. In fact, it’s been reported that inefficient processes cost organizations on average 20 to 30% in lost revenues each and every year. Gaining key insight into the processes affecting revenue streams and profitability can mean millions in added value for a company.

Is the desktop application becoming obsolete?

Desktop application development is still very much alive. Still, it’s easy to find rumors that the desktop operating system is dying out and will not be relevant in future generations.

The reality, however, is that software technology systems have yet to reach a point where they can deliver the powerful functionality of applications like AutoCAD or PhotoShop completely on the cloud for professional users.

For example, while Adobe has gone to more of a SaaS model for access to its product suite that includes PhotoShop, users are still required to download the apps to the hard drive of their computer for full tool capabilities.

How can you choose the best BPM tool?

There are a variety of ways to choose the best BPM tool for your needs. Many off-the-shelf programs are available, but when your company needs a system that’s tailor-made for your unique business processes and systems, a software developer like Laminar can build a BPMS that’s well-aligned with your business goals.

How much is custom BPMS development?

While customizing a BPMS certainly isn’t a minor cost, developing a BPMS that’s specific to your existing processes may be worth the investment. For many companies, the cost of developing the software will be far outweighed by the recuperation of revenue lost to poor processes. Contact Laminar today for a quote and learn how much you could recover in lost profits.

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