3 Tips for Your Online Healthcare Consultation App

By: Sean Cummings

November 28, 2022

3 Tips for Your Online Healthcare Consultation App

Being able to treat a patient without being physically present is something many doctors are considering more seriously and this is where custom application development service comes in.

The recent pandemic has made the need for telemedicine technology glaringly apparent. Just consider some of the benefits—when patients simply need to refill their prescription medications, this technology can provide healthcare professionals the ability to write digital prescriptions.

And with video chat features, a healthcare app can make online consultations a personal medical care experience. If you’re considering a custom application development service for a healthcare services web app, read on for five tips for success.

3 Tips for Your Online Doctor Consultation App

Offering a telemedicine service on a mobile device is something many patients wish their doctors were capable of. With so much to do, an in-person visit is often a hassle for today’s busy parents and professionals alike.

Now, physicians all across the healthcare industry are embracing the growth of video calling technology.

Whether you’re a mental healthcare provider or primary care physician, you can benefit from offering medical services via the web. And although it may sound complicated, building your own online platform is often well worth the investment.

Here are three tips on doing just that:

1. Online Consultation for Mental Health Care

One segment of healthcare that’s seeing tremendous growth in video conferencing is mental healthcare. Being able to provide a detailed assessment via text chat or video consultation can totally transform your practice.

One drawback to text messaging with multiple people is keeping everything organized. So when you’re considering in-app messaging, one tip is keeping the chat threads separate from one another.

This can be accomplished by placing individual messages within the profile of each respective patient. That way, you also never run the risk of patients seeing each other’s messages if you use screen sharing.

2. Video Consultations for Remote Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a bit harder to provide remotely, but it’s still possible for patients with their own equipment at home. One tip when for these physicians when providing digital healthcare is to include video chat features that work with numerous devices.

Being able to see the movements is key to these medical consultations, so the ability to chat online with both mobile and desktop devices is essential.

Another tip is to build in file-sharing functionality. Healthcare records must remain secure at all times, so thinking about this from the beginning is key. With this feature, you’ll be able to transmit and receive records from your patients’ primary care physicians.

3. Online Medical Consultation for Busy Professionals

Whatever focus healthcare providers may have, meeting with patients who travel frequently for work has always been a major challenge. The advent of video chats means growing a healthcare business that caters to these professionals has never been easier.

One tip when developing an app that’s tailored to frequent travelers is VoIP calling. That’s because many international cellphone plans are cost-prohibitive for lengthy calls using roaming data. VoIP calling removes this barrier.

Another tip is providing an appointment booking system that’s hassle-free and includes a payment system built-in. That way, all aspects of the patient experience can be streamlined.

Contact Laminar Consulting and Start Offering Virtual Visits

If you need a custom application development service for your doctor’s office, our team at Laminar Consulting is ready to help. Whether the online platforms you’re thinking about are an Android app, web app, or iOS app, we have you covered.

Provide a doctor consultation via video call and be able to securely transmit medical records for insurance coverage. You can even send prescriptions to the local pharmacy wherever the patient lives—the possibilities are almost limitless.

To get your telemedicine app development started, contact us at 888-531-9995 at Laminar Consulting today!

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