What is the Difference Between Quality Assurance Testing and User Acceptance Testing?

By: Sean Cummings

October 10, 2022

What is the Difference Between Quality Assurance Testing and User Acceptance Testing?

Today’s software testing needs are constantly evolving, which is one key reason why companies require quality assurance testing more than ever. Two commonly confused terms when it comes to testing software are quality assurance (QA) testing and user acceptance testing (UAT).

While these testing methods may seem the same at first glance, there are some key differences that are important to understand. In this article, we’ll cover these two testing methods, their differences, and their role in the success of a business.

Quality Assurance Testing Vs. User Acceptance Testing

If you search for the difference between quality assurance testing and user acceptance testing, you’ll quickly realize the answer isn’t so clear. The top results in a search can easily confuse anyone trying to learn whether quality assurance should come before, after, or as part of the UAT.

Let’s clarify the differences next.

Quality Assurance Testing

Quality assurance is aimed at preventing bugs and future problems when developing custom software, but can also be used for all sorts of product design and testing. This is partly why there’s so much confusion.

But, when it comes to custom app development, what you want to remember is that QA testing comes before the final product is ready for the end user to try out for the first time. 

User Acceptance Testing

User acceptance testing is the final stage of the design and production of software where key stakeholders and end users ensure the look, feel, and operation of the app or software aligns with the goals and processes of the business.

During this process, real users test the software to ensure it delivers the functionality and performance requirements of the client. Once the product passes the UAT, it’s finally ready to be pushed live to the real end users who’ll use the software each day.

The thing to keep in mind is that, essentially, QA testing helps prevent problems before a completed software build is sent out to be tested by real users in the UAT stage. This helps cut down on wasting the time of those who have other work to do by identifying and fixing technical issues before the software is shown to real users in the company for final approval.

Why is Quality Assurance Testing Crucial in Custom App Development?

Custom web app development delivers customized solutions for businesses in a variety of ways. This could include an optimized CRM system, an e-commerce app, or process automation software. Often, the primary objective of custom development is to avoid redundant taskwork and improve organizational efficiency.

Because the focus is on solutions to problems across an entire organization, it’s crucial to ensure the software performs flawlessly before deployment. This is where QA comes in, helping solve issues long before employees ever see the software.

Quality Assurance Testing with You and Your Business in Mind

Why choose Laminar Consulting for your software QA testing? Ensuring exceptional software outcomes demands quality assurance testing services that help refine software through innovation and proven best practices. Our QA testing services always work to be certain that our customers’ software is not only bug-free but also integrates perfectly with key business goals and end-user demands.

Our experienced QA testing team knows the product development process inside and out, providing best-in-class outcomes for our customers. Whatever platform you’re using, Laminar has you covered.

For the best quality assurance testing for your custom app, email us at contactus@laminarco.com or contact us at 888-531-9995 at Laminar Consulting today!

Quality Assurance Testing FAQs

Why should I have my applications tested?

It’s essential to test applications long before users ever interact with them. Bugs, glitches, and design errors need to be fleshed out early on. Otherwise, team members could wind up burning through costly labor time dealing with technical complications and frustrating user interfaces.

Are quality assurance testing and user acceptance testing important?

One of the most critical steps in the software development process is QA testing and UA testing. That’s because valuable resources and time can be lost on a massive scale if error-ridden software winds up deployed company-wide.

How much does quality assurance testing cost?

The cost of QA testing for software varies tremendously depending on the type of application and platform involved. Getting a quote is always the smartest first step to understanding the budget required for QA testing.

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