It’s Time to Unleash the Power of Analytics for Your Business

By: Sean Cummings

February 9, 2021

It’s Time to Unleash the Power of Analytics for Your Business

Harness The Untapped Power of Cloud Analytics

Business analytics tools, built into most cloud services, offer cloud business intelligence via real-time analytics dashboards once you learn how to use them.

Everyone understands the saying “knowledge is power.” But not everyone understands that the cloud technology they use to run their everyday operations comes with business analytics tools and real-time analytics dashboards embedded in it—they need to know where to look.

In many organizations, the cloud analytics functions in their CRM simply sit there unused. That’s the digital equivalent of leaving money on the table. When companies work with an experienced digital partner who understands how to configure dashboards and interpret what the data is revealing in real time, it gives that company a profound advantage over their competition.

You can start to access real business intelligence by employing these three simple methods:

Configure Your Dashboards to Get Exactly What You Need

Decide what data is most important to your business and then monitor it continuously.

Make sure that your dashboards are providing relevant data in a simple format that everyone can access and understand. At the same time, you should minimize the data that’s meaningless to your business so that it doesn’t become a distraction and lead you in the wrong direction. Setting up clear and simple dashboards is the first step to cloud business intelligence.

Iterate Often in Order to Find the Best Solutions

Don’t just observe your data. Adjust according to what it’s telling you. And if it doesn’t work, then change it.

The beauty of analytics is that you can keep making adjustments in order to get better and better results. Suppose you’re analyzing a marketing campaign. Perhaps the data reveals that you’re performing best on the east coast, and it identifies which are your least successful keywords.

For your next campaign, replace the underperforming keywords and allocate some budget into targeting the east coast. Launch the campaign and watch the analytics to see the results. Over time, your performance should get increasingly better.

Monitor Performance for a Clearer Understanding of Your Staff

The people who work for you are your most valuable assets.

Your analytics can help you understand who is performing best and who is struggling. That’s one more use of analytics that is too often overlooked. Configure your dashboards to optimize for human resources and to better understand your clients’ needs. For example, you could learn insights such as:

  • What time of the day you get the most queries
  • Where and when you make the most sales
  • When your website traffic is highest
  • Who in your call center is most efficient at dealing with customers

It’s up to you to know what data is most important to help you grow and to optimize your dashboards to reveal that data.

Analytics Are Simple, Affordable, and Valuable

The smart use of analytics is a simple and affordable way to boost productivity, and it requires minimal disruptions to the way your organization operates. Plus, there’s a very good chance that you are already paying for the analytics that are embedded in the cloud services you’re using. Take the first step in digital empowerment by committing to data-driven decision-making as an integral part of your team’s process.

Laminar understands what smart analytics can do for your business, and we’re obsessed with helping you extract real value from your everyday cloud products and services. Working together, we know we can help you take your operations to the next level in an affordable, sustainable, and profitable manner.

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