How Education Can Benefit From Custom Application Development

By: Sean Cummings

April 18, 2022

How Education Can Benefit From Custom Application Development

What Does Custom Application Development Involve?

Custom application development is the process of designing, coding, deploying, and maintaining software for well-defined users and functions in many types of organizations, including education. When compared with off-the-shelf software, custom application development often does a far better job at serving the needs of very specific end users.

One example is when educators needed to quickly adapt to changes prompted by the pandemic. During this time, they started leveraging video conferencing systems and virtual whiteboards. But we’ve all heard of the struggles to get these systems to work consistently. By getting help with customized application development, these systems can operate trouble-free, enabling educators to get on with their work. Let’s examine further how custom application development services can help the education field.

How Can Custom Application Development Help Educators?

Custom application development can provide educational institutions the capability to safeguard their communications and student information along with optimizing real-time virtual learning. Custom development enables existing software to work on a wider range of systems, from mobile to desktop, and PC or Mac.

When schools and universities need built-in verification systems of many types, custom application development can tie them into existing systems for easier access to data while maintaining security. Web-based educational platforms can be integrated with internal systems as well. So what are some examples of this?

Platform Integrations to Prevent Plagiarism

When educators need to verify that the work students turn in is legitimately theirs, artificial intelligence (AI) applications make it possible to simply scan documents. By integrating these systems into the platforms used by the institution, educators spend less time moving documents around and more time on the things that matter most to students. Custom application development makes this possible, all while keeping security at the forefront.

Keeping Student Records Secure When Sharing

When schools need an integrated solution for handling student records across numerous campuses or school buildings, security is always a major concern. Custom app developing from Laminar can help ensure these databases are locked down tight across the entire organization.

Developing custom applications that work with existing systems helps ensure the highest level of security for student and educator data to reduce the risk of data breaches or even students attempting to change their own grades.

Enabling Remote Student Collaboration

Another solution that improves the education process is collaboration software integrations. These solutions help students and educators manage team projects, converse over video chat, and share deliverable assets like image files, text documents, and videos. By incorporating these features with existing platforms, companies like Laminar are helping education advance into the digital age so remote education can be as robust as in-person.

Empower Educators with Custom Application Development

Through custom application development, educational institutions can more easily leverage technology without having to be technologists themselves, saving time and frustration for both teachers and students. Contact Laminar Consulting today to learn more about custom application development for your district or campus today.

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