Cloud Migration Challenges to Look Out For

By: Sean Cummings

November 14, 2022

Cloud Migration Challenges to Look Out For

Cloud migration services come with a wide array of benefits for organizations, from reducing data security risks to meeting business objectives like expansion. While the benefits of utilizing a cloud infrastructure as a service are numerous, the cloud migration journey isn’t trouble-free.

There are plenty of common cloud migration challenges that companies face, which makes creating a detailed cloud migration strategy crucial. To ensure a successful migration, it helps to find a cloud migration partner that’s seen these challenges many times before.

Here are a handful of migration challenges to look out for

Cloud Migration Process Challenges

Implementing cloud technology can transform a business, but it can also introduce new risks. Accounting for the challenges that come with cloud services is the first step to getting the most from this technology with less risk.

Cloud Computing Access Management

Preventing a private data breach is a major consideration when choosing cloud solutions. Data theft is one of the leading problems faced by organizations of all sizes, so minimizing financial risks comes down to the right security automation for sensitive data.

Even the major cloud providers aren’t immune to security threats. To protect your cloud environments, be sure to work with a cloud migration partner that prioritizes cloud security controls.

Cloud Migration Introduces New Interfaces

Another challenge cloud migration brings is new interfaces for employees to use. This sometimes results in slow adoption rates, reducing operational efficiency.

By working to implement updates that are more user-friendly, these sorts of issues can be avoided. Much of this involves building a solid strategy from the start, something a migration services company can assist with.

If you want the benefits of data migration without confusing your people, reach out to trusted cloud platform experts.

Unreliable Cloud Service Providers

Perhaps the worst cloud migration challenge is finding the right cloud provider and not every cloud vendor offers the same level of reliability. Avoiding paying for costly data migrations that don’t deliver reliable service is easier with the help of a consulting firm.

Are you unsure whether Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform is the right storage configuration for your company? Find cloud migration services that provide the insight necessary to make a perfect choice.

Cloud Environment Considerations

Choosing the right cloud provider involves more than weighing cloud migration costs. You need a cloud service provider that you can count on to keep your data secure.

Thinking about cloud management before beginning the process of migrating data is how Laminar helps many organizations prevent the numerous challenges that could arise.

A Solid Cloud Migration Strategy Starts with Laminar Consulting!

Finding cloud migration services that help minimize hassles is essential when you can’t afford interruptions in your business processes. Avoid the wrong migration strategy by working with Laminar Consulting, the trusted expert in cloud adoption.

Through careful planning of your cloud strategy, you’ll be certain the necessary security measures have been taken, along with data protection. For a free initial consultation about migrating to the cloud, contact us at 888-531-9995 at Laminar Consulting today!

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