3 Signs Your Company Needs to Outsource Cloud Migration Services

By: Sean Cummings

October 17, 2022

3 Signs Your Company Needs to Outsource Cloud Migration Services

Understanding what cloud migration is and what’s involved in the transition process is the first step to realizing the potential benefits for your business. And, to plan and execute the best cloud migration strategy, hiring the services of specialists can ensure a smooth transition with few to zero hiccups along the way.

Today, more than at any other time, operating in the cloud is vital for businesses to remain open regardless of what may come. Let’s take a look at three of the leading signs your company might need to outsource cloud migration services.

3 Signs Your Company Needs Cloud Migration Services 

Companies that are still dealing with outdated and inefficient legacy systems like older servers and unreliable firewalls find that migrating to the cloud can deliver some serious benefits.

Let’s look at three of the main signs your company needs cloud migration services.

1. Your Business is Growing Fast

Growing businesses can find themselves suddenly needing more computing resources. To be ready for future computing needs, companies no longer have to invest heavily in hardware for IT infrastructure. This resulted in a constant flux between resources being underused or insufficient, wasting resources and dragging down efficiency.

But, with a cloud infrastructure, expensive upfront capital outlays are no longer necessary, as resources can quickly be added or subtracted based on usage needs in real-time. The result is better operational efficiency while saving significant capital upfront and over time.

2. Your Business Can’t Afford to Experience Downtime

In highly competitive environments, companies just can’t afford unexpected downtime due to server failures, overloaded networks, and other IT complications. Aside from reducing productivity, these issues can drag down company morale and hurt brand reputations when delays in the delivery of goods and services happen.

Avoiding these problems comes down to reducing the number of local network components and servers that can break down. This can now be achieved through cloud infrastructure, making it affordable to gain the advantages of redundant servers that eliminate downtime.

3. Your Business Needs Disaster Recovery Capabilities

Whether the impetus is compliance with regulations or self-preservation, companies are recognizing the importance of protecting their data transmissions from disasters. Today, the best DR solution today is undoubtedly cloud-based.

Cloud-based disaster recovery is the most cost-effective solution because no additional infrastructure investments need to be made for backup. With the cloud, it’s possible to automatically back up company data and applications safely and securely.

Keep Your Business Infrastructure Secure and Innovative with Cloud Migration

Why choose Laminar Consulting for your company’s cloud migration services? If you’re serious about being certain your cloud migration process runs smoothly from start to finish, we’ve got you covered.

Our team of cloud migration experts helps you plan a seamless transition from inefficient legacy systems to safe and secure cloud computing. Reach out today for a quote on making the switch with our cloud migration services

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Cloud Migration Services FAQs 

How can your business benefit from cloud migration services?

In today’s rapidly evolving business world, keeping data safe and secure is a must. Cloud services help deliver this safety and security by keeping data backed up 24/7 across a network of servers instead of relying on local ones.

How long does cloud migration service take?

The length of time it takes to migrate everything to the cloud is heavily dependent on the situation. Some companies may already have some services on the cloud, while others need to migrate everything over from outdated legacy systems.

Getting a quote will help uncover the timeframe of your particular project.

How does the cloud migration process work?

Getting started with migrating to the cloud couldn’t be easier than with services provided by Laminar Consulting.

Call us today and we’ll step you through the roadmap of the entire process, giving you full insight into what to expect along the way.

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