What is Cloud Acceleration and How Does it Affect Your Company?

By: Sean Cummings

January 4, 2023

What is Cloud Acceleration and How Does it Affect Your Company?

Since modern technology has made it possible to streamline processes, reduce costs, and provide advanced capabilities, digital transformation has spread to nearly every industry throughout the world. With that, internal and external cloud migration services have become a significant element of digital transformation for many businesses. 

The adoption of cloud computing to supplement or replace conventional systems is not an easy process. Cloud migration is a data-intensive process that requires a clear vision, expert skills, and committed resources.

Businesses can take advantage of cloud acceleration services to help them adopt cloud computing solutions effectively. Luckily, this program aims to migrate vital systems and services to the latest technologies as part of the overall digital business acceleration process.

What is Cloud Acceleration?

The cloud acceleration process is a multi-faceted procedure that will vary based on the needs of your business. To illustrate, you can use a cloud accelerator to create abstraction layers between your systems and the cloud, utilize cloud-managed services entirely, or leverage iInfrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platforms.

Cloud acceleration improves the performance, reliability, and deliverability of internal and external systems. By improving internal systems, you can make your employees more productive, offer them access to cloud-based learning environments, and ensure better security.

In the long run, external systems, such as customer-facing apps, will provide you with more assurance and help you to stay competitive in the present times.

How Does it Work?

Cloud accelerators are similar to any other type of accelerator whose primary purpose is to improve technological performance. For both developers and users, they simplify cloud adoption and enhance the quality of application performance.

It is possible to use cloud accelerators in a variety of ways. Among these are abstraction layers that lie ahead of your cloud stack, cloud-managed service platforms that provide accelerated delivery, and infrastructure-as-a-service environments that facilitate cloud migrations and improve accessibility and reliability across workloads.

Cloud acceleration is usually provided by organizations specializing in cloud-managed services, whose networks are specifically designed to support high-speed data transfer and routing. The process is achieved by optimizing and enhancing a web-based delivery network—improving performance, and reducing latency using the latest technologies.

What is the Impact of Cloud Acceleration on Your Company?

When it comes to cloud acceleration, why should you consider it? Your enterprise’s data, applications, websites, and services can be brought alive more quickly by investing in a cloud acceleration program, and its potential to generate and deliver business value will be maximized.

Several significant benefits can come from this. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most promising.

More Reliable Services

Using an in-house or legacy system will not be able to compete with the dependability of cloud-based services. Downtime or slow performance often plague legacy systems, whether they operate critical systems or provide employee training. 

As an alternative, cloud-based services are protected by geo-redundant data centers, making them available whenever needed. If a particular server cluster is experiencing problems, the cloud provider will automatically switch to another server that is functioning as expected. 

As a result, your employees and customers will receive a more reliable service. A minimal or no impact will be felt by users due to the reduction of slow speeds and downtime.

Increased Scalability

It is a core benefit of any cloud-based platform to use as many system resources as necessary—based on your needs. Suppose you suddenly experience an upsurge in the number of users for your on-demand sales demo, which will require the creation of a large number of virtual environments rapidly, your cloud usage will accordingly increase. 

In the event that usage slows down, your services will be scaled back again, depending on your requirements. 

Opportunities for Cost Reduction

When you rely on in-house or conventional services, you may not be able to maximize the use of your system resources. For instance, your company might have an in-house phone system that can service 1,000 users, but you have only 500 staff members.

The result is that only half your telecommunications infrastructure is in use, but you are paying twice as much for hardware and maintenance. 

With cloud acceleration, companies can cut costs on a variety of services, including telephony and sales enablement training. Also, you won’t have to pay for idle computing resources since you’ll only be charged for what you use. 

Things to Consider Before Accelerating

You can strategically migrate your services to hybrid and cloud environments with the help of cloud acceleration services.

However, before investing in cloud acceleration, your company should examine where the company is in its cloud journey, where its highest cloud priorities are, and how to achieve them.

  • Get a better understanding of your current cloud ecosystem – Do you use any cloud services currently? If yes, which ones, and will they need to be updated or migrated?
  • Establish the target for your cloud migration – Which systems will be completely relocated to cloud services, which will go hybrid, and which will remain on-premises or legacy? 
  • Assess your current team’s skillset – Is your team suitably trained and knowledgeable about migration? If not, will you need to hire in-house staff, or can you work with a third-party company?

Your capabilities, goals, and needs will be better defined once you’ve completed the assessment. Once you have identified your needs, you can approach a cloud acceleration service or even form your own cloud acceleration committee based on your needs. 

Start Your Cloud Acceleration with Laminar Consulting Services!

When cloud acceleration and necessary technology are implemented, companies often experience a surge in user productivity—as illustrated by an immediate reduction in technical support tickets. This is because intelligent routing ensures the fastest possible connection between offices and cloud applications or data centers.

Our team of experts has helped hundreds of enterprises with our cloud migration services—starting with robust planning and roadmaps and ending with successful deployments and ongoing support.

We’re here to help you, email us at contactus@laminarco.com or contact us at 888-531-9995 at Laminar Consulting Service today!

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