Custom Desktop Application Development Company

Customize Your Desktop Applications

Laminar Consulting has deep experience in developing desktop software applications for various operating systems such as macOS, Windows, and Linux. Whatever your desktop app customization needs, we’ve got you covered.

Desktop Application Development Services

Laminar Consulting has a development team that’s ready to help you out with complete end-to-end development of your next desktop application. We have both the experience and the resources to get your project off the ground and carry out the development from start to finish.

Depending on the size of your project, we can utilize dedicated development teams or even just individual developers as needed. Once your desktop application development is completed, we use the latest tools and techniques to thoroughly test your application from top-to-bottom. 

Cross-platform Desktop App Development

The team at Laminar Consulting has numerous years of experience in developing multi-platform desktop apps for macOS X, Windows, and Linux. 

We help empower our clients with new functionality for their desktop hardware, increasing the value of the systems they’ve already invested capital into. Often, existing desktop software serves the majority of needs well and simply needs a couple of capabilities added. In these cases, Laminar can help you determine whether or not a totally new application is necessary or if some added functionality will do. 

Whichever approach is the most sensible, we have an experienced desktop app development team to handle the job.

Device Drivers Development

Laminar also has a team of software engineers and programmers who specialize in lower-level programming languages, including device drivers development. Our team has the wide-ranging experience to implement whatever various features your project may require to achieve your desired outcomes. When your desktop applications need driver support development, Laminar has you covered!

MS Office 365 Development

Laminar Consulting offers modern distributed workforce solutions that leverage the power and security of MS Office 365 so your team can collaborate securely no matter where they’re working from.

The Laminar MS Office 365 development team has the tools, services, and proven methodology to help you rapidly transform your current unified communications and collaboration (UCC) workloads to fully take advantage of Microsoft Cloud.

FAQs About Custom Desktop App Development

What Is Desktop Application Development?

A desktop application is a software program that runs on a physical computer in your office to perform specific tasks, unlike SaaS software that runs on remote servers in the cloud.

Some desktop apps, such as word editors and media players, allow you to perform multiple tasks while others are developed for pure entertainment, such as gaming apps. The main benefit of desktop apps is they don’t require an internet connection to work, enabling more secure transmission of data within a local organization along with more stability.

A key goal at Laminar is helping our clients optimize their existing desktop applications for maximum speed and scalability while adding more business functionality.

What Is The Best Programming Language For Desktop Applications?

Like all software development, the best programming language depends primarily on what is convenient and suitable for the client’s business needs. Much of the time, our clients already have some applications or systems in place that will dictate which programming language makes the most sense to implement.

The good news is, Laminar’s team of programming experts has the flexibility and adaptability to work on whatever current technology your business may be running on. When you reach out to us for an initial consultation, we can help you choose the most effective programming language if you’re unsure.

Is The Desktop Application Becoming Obsolete?

Desktop application development is still very much alive. Still, it’s easy to find rumors that the desktop operating system is dying out and will not be relevant in future generations. 

The reality, however, is that software technology systems have yet to reach a point where they can deliver the powerful functionality of applications like AutoCAD or PhotoShop completely on the cloud for professional users. 

For example, while Adobe has gone to more of a SaaS model for access to its product suite that includes PhotoShop, users are still required to download the apps to the hard drive of their computer for full tool capabilities.

The Experience To Find Solutions That Work For Your Business

Laminar Consulting provides expert custom desktop application development for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Whether you need complete end-to-end desktop app development or simply adding functionality, our team has the experience to deliver flawlessly. Contact Laminar today about your desktop app customization project!

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