Enterprise Software Solutions Development

Laminar Consulting has a proven track record of developing and implementing highly integrated enterprise solutions for companies spanning a broad range of industries. When your business needs scalable software solutions, we’re here to help.

Enterprise Software Development

Laminar’s expert team of developers can handle whatever complex implementation project you may have, whether it be a third-party solution or legacy application that needs a customized approach to the process of integration. We’ve seen just about everything, so rest assured we can develop enterprise software that perfectly executes on your business objectives.

Custom Enterprise Solutions

Laminar’s team of software engineers has broad-ranging experience in developing custom enterprise-level systems that need to be seamlessly integrated with many other business systems, such as:

Laminar Consulting develops user-friendly custom software solutions for enterprise businesses involved in a range of industry domains. 

Our team creates mobile, desktop, and cloud solutions for mid to large companies that operate in everything from logistics to education to energy to e-commerce. No project is too large for Laminar to tackle.

Systems Laminar can develop include: 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Enterprise Software Development?

Enterprise Software Development is aimed at fulfilling the needs of an enterprise-level organization with systems (sometimes manual in nature) that already exist. 

The software development process should always be focused on creating specific solutions for an organization that not only meet business goals but do so in a way that’s simple for users to understand and easy to learn. The better the software UI and UX, the better the software can deliver the desired end results for the company.

What Are Some Examples Of Enterprise Software Solutions?

3-d Party Integrations

Laminar can integrate your systems seamlessly across SMS and email gateways, payment systems like SEPA, Kantox, AFEX, Simplex, Moonpay, or even trading platforms such as MetaTrader, EPEX, Trayport, POLPX, PRISMA, ENTSOG, ACER. Integrations for other systems like SAP and Salesforce are possible as well.

Laminar’s team has experience with the different cloud environments, such as Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, MS Azure, as well as autoscaling applications using Kubernetes. Our experts strive to deliver seamless, zero-downtime delivery, and CI/CD pipelines with automated stress testing.

Complex Workflow Processing

Processing highly complex workflows across numerous user-created modules, such as banking KYC processes, integration with external screening systems, banking transactions processing, and automation of auction processes. This is only one example of many possibilities that depend on the industry and company needs.

BPM Software

BPM software can help organizations minimize their costs and boost the efficiency of their operations at all levels. More efficiency enables faster revenue generation and growth for companies, along with increased speed, organization, and efficiency of fulfilling a variety of business objectives that can be internal or external-facing. BPM software empowers companies to gain a competitive advantage through enhanced organizational agility.

What Does An Enterprise Software Developer Do?

The essential role of an enterprise-level software developer entails the designing, building, implementing, and maintaining of the various applications and systems that an organization uses internally rather than to resell to consumer markets.

Examples of enterprise software that a developer may work on can include:

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