VR & AR App Development Company

Virtual & Augmented Reality App Development

Our development team has extensive experience in developing user-friendly augmented and virtual reality apps for many different industries. 

Industries that can benefit from VR and AR Apps include:

The main goal of augmented and virtual reality development is to provide the best user experience, and Laminar’s development team always makes this a top priority.

Virtual & Augmented Reality Services

Laminar Consulting develops beautiful, user-friendly applications for virtual, augmented, and mixed reality. Our cutting-edge development tools and our ability to gain a deep understanding of our client’s requirements enable us to deliver AR and VR solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations. We build AR/VR apps for everything from smartphones (both Android and iOS) to tablets to hybrid laptops.

AR and VR Expertise

Laminar leverages an extensive set of tools for developing AR and VR apps, including OpenCV, Vuforia, ARKit, Wikitude, EasyAR, ARToolKit, ARCore, and more. Our team has the experience to develop an AR or VR framework that’s perfectly aligned with your particular objectives. Laminar will work to develop a solution that nails your business needs on the head every time.

Augmented Reality

Laminar Consulting creates highly engaging augmented reality apps for numerous types of companies, from start-up to enterprise-level. Laminar’s experience spans a wide range of augmented reality apps, including various educational and entertainment AR apps.

Virtual Reality

Laminar develops virtual reality solutions for realistic and collaborative scenarios that can boost sales through a vastly enhanced buying experience. We build custom 3D models for just about any field, such as healthcare, aerospace, education, automotive, travel, e-commerce, and more.

Mixed Reality

Our app development experience with building mixed reality empowers us to build solutions that can provide a real-time view of end-user surroundings with a digital overlay of virtual objects for visualizing the post-purchase experience or learning new skills as an employee. Whether the challenge is consumer-facing or enterprise, Laminar can build a solution for your company.

VR & AR App Development FAQ

What Are Virtual Reality Development Services?

Virtual reality app development can help companies in a variety of ways, such as creating simulations for products and processes, along with improving data visualization and product interactions. Rather than conducting expensive in-person training, companies can leverage virtual reality training.

What Are Augmented Reality Development Services?

Augmented Reality (AR) differs from virtual reality (VR) in that instead of creating an entirely simulated environment, it blends digital content with the real world by layering it over live video feeds, often on a phone. This tech can also utilize the GPS of a phone for a geo-specific experience for users.

How Does Virtual Reality Work?

Virtual reality requires a headset and something to run the VR software. This headset can be standalone or connected to a PC, gaming console, or smartphone.

How Is Mixed Reality Used Today?

Mixed reality is often used within the education industry to enhance students’ ability to learn and consume dense information. 3D projections and simulations enable students to interact virtually with objects to aid study in a more immersive way.

Which Programming Language Is Used For Virtual Reality?

The VR research and development platform Vizard utilizes Python (version 2.7) for scripting. … Python is also used in industrial applications of VR and augmented reality (AR). Autodesk’s 3D visual prototyping and visualization software, VRED, includes many Python functions for VR use.

VR development can utilize many different programming languages, which are largely determined by which hardware the VR software will be running on. VR development can leverage the following programming languages:

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