Laminar’s Custom Application Development Services

As a leading global custom application development company, Laminar provides scalable and secure end-to-end technology solutions.

Our development services are executed by a team of engineers, designers, and visionaries that revel in developing creative solutions that deliver better-than-expected custom applications for enterprises in diverse industry verticals.

Today’s digital world is rapidly changing, and businesses that leverage custom software development will gain a competitive edge. To provide some perspective, the global custom application development services market is expected to grow by almost $27 billion from 2020-2024.

What Is Custom Software Development?

Our custom software development starts by gaining a complete picture of the business requirements so we can efficiently design an application through rapid implementation, testing, and deployment.

We engage key stakeholders as part of the development process, utilizing an Agile Project Approach to collaborate most effectively and efficiently. Transparency in all our processes involves everyone to ensure accountability of outcomes.

At Laminar, we design and develop custom solutions for our customers, including desktop applications, mobile applications, and web applications. We are a team of experts that work to improve and integrate enhanced features into our customers’ existing applications that increase productivity and improve revenue streams.

Our custom application development services include:

  • Application Customization—modifying existing applications to align with individual requirements.
  • Application Development—design and develop applications from scratch to meet unique requirements and needs.
  • Application Modernization—plays an important role in a business’s ability to meet ever-changing user and market demands. This also includes data and cloud migration.

Digital transformation and cutting-edge technologies are accelerating at an unprecedented pace. Many off-the-shelf applications simply can’t keep up with business needs and rapid scaling.

Mobile Apps

The rising prevalence of remote work and distributed workforces has created a massive surge in businesses and organizations that need to adapt their systems with mobile solutions.

The most successful customized solutions improve mobile functionality. Organizations that empower their users and staff with either dedicated mobile apps or responsive web design are realizing greater productivity and efficiency, saving them time and money.

At Laminar, our software projects target your specific business needs. Our dedicated team will help identify any technological gaps or opportunities to create mobile apps and responsive web designs that exponentially improve workflows and operational efficiency.

What Advantages Does Laminar Deliver On Every Custom Application Development Project?

Laminar uses an Agile Project Approach to deliver custom-made advantages that compel businesses to form long-term relationships with us. Today, keeping up with the demands of an increasingly digital workforce is the key to a competitive edge. Through the latest innovative technology, we can help you maintain this edge year after year.

Competitive Advantage

Gaining a technological advantage over the competition gives our clients the upper hand in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, reducing operational costs and improving team morale.

The businesses that act first to meet the needs and demands of their team are quick to adapt their applications for more accessible, intuitive, and organized workflows.

Streamlined Business Processes

Automating repetitive processes to eliminate redundancies is our strong suit. By streamlining business processes through custom applications, our clients can significantly boost their organizational efficiency.

We help empower our clients’ teams to focus more on high-value, rewarding work and less on redundant task work. Automating redundant processes helps reduce errors and increases the overall quality of outcomes for multiple stakeholders.


Scalability is a primary factor in our consideration of potential solutions. We design custom applications that scale in tandem with companies.

At Laminar, our custom application development team believes in developing a long-term relationship with our clients. As your future needs shift, we’re always ready to implement the changes necessary for your company to grow.

Laminar excels at client engagement and support. After all, helping you achieve your business goals and growth targets is our mission. We believe a development company should be your partner in scaling to success.


For us to deliver seamless compatibility, we start by deeply engaging with our clients to assimilate a solid understanding of their technology stack.

We build around existing tech and collaborate with clients to identify the best technology for each unique project to integrate with their current stack neatly. We always keep compatibility top-of-mind to ensure our clients’ custom software seamlessly integrates with their existing infrastructure.

With completely off-the-shelf software, sometimes integration with other applications is a struggle. Well-tested custom application solutions can ensure compatibility by building interfaces that allow for the unfettered transfer of data between systems.

And, if starting from scratch to build a new application is the most appropriate angle of attack, our team can custom-build a precise solution for your use case.

Laminar’s Collaborative Development Process

Our collaborative step-by-step process has been honed over years of hands-on experience as software developers. Our skilled team is well-versed in the latest possibilities that can solve your needs.

Our industry experts manage and minimize risks when handling projects. Our team’s technical and vertical expertise in the latest development trends ensures reliable service.

We’ve completed a wide array of projects that provided powerful solutions to client software challenges.

First, our software development team hashes out exactly what your business goals are, discussing your needs and vision. Together, we develop a plan that brings your vision into crystal clear focus.

Second, we research your current technology and user needs. Through discovery and prototyping, we’ll develop a roadmap and product hypothesis.

Third, utilizing the Agile Project Approach ensures regular improvement because we follow the application development life cycle with each of our clients’ custom application development.

Many companies utilize a one-and-done method, creating web applications without testing or user feedback. Our iterative process involves a continuous cycle of prototyping, testing, and making adjustments.

This feedback helps us determine what elements are working as intended and which ones require tweaking.  We catch potential problems early in the design process, saving our clients costly redesign work.

Fourth, we continue to test, refine, and test again. Through user testing, we continue to improve the usability and design to provide an exceptional user experience.

We utilize different testing methods like unit testing, where our developer does an initial screening—this phase is considered the initial pass.

Test planning and test cases are conducted to determine if the software is bug-free and to ensure it adequately solves the business problem.

Integration testing takes place to ensure the enhancement made to existing software won’t break any existing code.

Smoke testing is light testing that’s performed to identify small changes to make within an existing app.

Next, user acceptance testing puts the software in front of a small number of power users to run it through their tests.

Once the application passes all phases of testing, it’s ready to launch!

Fifth, we collaborate with your internal team to ensure a smooth transition and provide ongoing support.

Through our post-production support, we provide our clients with continued application enhancements as needed. We can also guide them through the transitioning process of the application to their internal support team.

Different Technologies Used In the Development Process

XR Development

Using Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR), our application development team can merge the physical world with the virtual world. The end result is web apps and mobile custom apps that create unparalleled user experiences.

This type of technology is transforming the retail sector by allowing clients to experience consumer products before they are purchased. At Laminar, we can deploy these same technologies to solve specific business needs in unique and innovative ways.

Workflow Automation

Automating tasks that are repetitive leads to faster and more consistent results. Automated testing enables a continuous testing workflow during development. Every part of the codebase is tested on a regular basis.

Data Reporting and Basic Analytics

Data reporting and basic analytics help businesses and software applications make sense of the huge amounts of data filtering through multiple channels through predictive capabilities and visualizations.

Incorporating these methods into applications is a game-changer for businesses looking to scale rapidly.

Artificial Intelligence

As a custom app development company, we utilize AI to transform web applications. Many industries and clients around the globe seek AI-enabled solutions to develop the business applications that will take them to the next level, whether in productivity, consumer insight, or product innovation.

Using different technologies such as machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing enables rapid prototyping, analytics, data automation, early error detection, and smart programming that identifies design loopholes and maximizes risk assessments.

Why Businesses Choose Laminar

Some of our clients turn to Laminar because they simply don’t have the skillset to build the particular solution they need. Other clients of ours are lacking the bandwidth to take on the project because their team is busy supporting and enhancing what they already have.

While we are a technology firm that’s deeply rooted in advanced processes, we will always remain people-first in practice. We always make sure our client’s investments in technology pay off, which is why we’ve developed so many long-term relationships that we consider client partners. 

We don’t just work with our clients—we closely collaborate on their ideas and visions, bringing them to life as seamlessly functioning solutions.

We adapt and deliver as client needs change, and we empower them with cutting-edge technology that’s efficient, user-friendly, and aligns perfectly with their specific business needs.

At Laminar, we subscribe to the Agile Project Approach. This methodology was created by innovative technologists 20 years ago and is based on four principles that are cornerstones of our process that we attribute much of our success to.

The team at Laminar has what it takes to concept and develop your ideal custom application, leveraging our expertise with the latest technology stacks.

For a free project consultation, schedule a call with the team at Laminar today.

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