Cloud Migration: Strategies, Processes, and Tools

By: Sean Cummings

December 5, 2022

Cloud Migration: Strategies, Processes, and Tools

Proper cloud migration planning can pay dividends for years to come. However, with multiple cloud migration services available, like Google cloud platform or Microsoft Azure, it can be tough knowing where to begin.

The best cloud migration approach is unique to the organization, so being aware of every option helps.

To make it clearer how you can migrate to the cloud, we’ve put together this quick guide to some strategies, processes, and tools you can use. Whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring cloud migration services, these insights can prove helpful.

Cloud Migration Strategy

A good cloud migration strategy starts with assessing the current legacy systems and on-premises infrastructure. What are the strengths and weaknesses of these systems, and how can these be addressed when shifting to a cloud-first strategy?

Considering the impact on business operations is another important first step in developing an effective cloud migration approach.

Cloud computing provides many benefits, but it’s not a panacea—there are still numerous pitfalls to avoid. From the core architecture to the impact a new user interface might have, cloud migrations demand intensive strategizing.

Cloud Migration Process Best Practices

Maintaining business continuity is of paramount importance when sharing data and digital assets across a distributed organization.

However, most cloud providers only provide the basics when it comes to migrating data from on-site physical servers to a cloud-based infrastructure. That leaves many of the details up to the IT departments of organizations making the switch.

One way to ensure success is by tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) that are relevant to your business. Be sure to include team feedback because this will provide greater awareness of how the changes are affecting the daily work of your people. That way, you can make updates on processes to maximize cost savings without hurting efficiency.

Cloud Migration Tools

Many smaller organizations opt to use cloud migration tools to move their data and applications to the cloud. Often, this is sufficient for common operating systems and software. However, compatibility issues with cloud platforms can quickly turn cloud migration tools into sources of frustration.

If your existing environment isn’t compatible with your new cloud computing solution, the results could be disastrous, causing data loss and draining valuable time and resources. When in doubt, managed services can provide peace of mind that everything will work seamlessly.

Laminar Consulting Makes Migrating to the Cloud Simple

Security of sensitive data is a top concern whenever an organization begins the cloud migration journey. From projecting cloud costs to comparing cloud-native features, hiring the help of cloud migration services consultants will ensure safe cloud environments for your data transfers.

Companies like Laminar provide cloud migration services that provide secure storage and data solutions that are cost-effective. While migration tools are available for basic needs, successful migration of massive data centers demands the deep experience of professionals.

Easily Migrate to a Cloud Infrastructure with Laminar

Successful cloud migration starts with creating a plan that considers every possibility. Rather than attempting to heap this massive responsibility onto your team, hire the help of experts. 

Enjoy a smooth transition away from legacy infrastructure and into the cloud environment with Laminar Consulting.

We help you avoid potential pitfalls and frustrations when you need to migrate applications from your existing infrastructure to cloud native.

Begin your cloud adoption with us and experience the difference expertise makes. For a free cloud migration services assessment from our team of cloud technology experts, contact us at 888-531-9995 at Laminar Consulting today!

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