Ventura Foods

company background

Company Background

Ventura Foods is a leading national manufacturer and marketer of branded and custom made shortenings, oils, dressings, mayonnaises, sauces, margarines, culinary bases and pan coatings for the foodservice, retail and ingredient manufacturing industries. As the largest maker of vegetable oil-based products in the U.S., Ventura Foods exceeds $2.5 billion in revenue and produces over three billion pounds of finished goods each year. Ventura outperforms within the dynamic food marketplace by delivering high quality products at competitive prices. Throughout the company’s rich history, the core focus hasn’t changed: a dedication to helping Ventura Foods’ customers delight their customers and a commitment to remain the most agile food solutions company.

Project Background

Ventura Foods was looking to gain better visibility of their sales and new product development process. At the time Sales Staff would enter simple notes into essentially a RPG Mainframe note taking system that would kick off a series of manual approvals and requests. The system would be referenced throughout the life cycle of a new product which could last up to a year. By using a fairly manual and human driven process Ventura management discovered some products were far less profitable than others. Additionally, some products were being manufactured and packaged in locations that made it less profitable logistically.



Ventura food approached Laminar to develop a replacement system by leveraging Laminar’s Work Flow framework and experience. The new web application needed to track the entire approval process and manufacturing locations across the US EU and Mexico. The project took 2 years to develop and is continually being enhanced to address changing business requirements.

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