Healthpeak Properties

company background

Company Background

Healthpeak properties is a real estate investment trust that invest in real estate related to the healthcare industry including senior housing life sciences and medical offices. $20 Billion of owned real estate. Roughly 80% of their revenue comes from Leasing Property to their customers, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases affecting animals.

Project Background

Early on Laminar consultants discovered most the leasing process was being performed using a manual process. This included emails spreadsheets and conversations. Which lead to many tasks either being skipped or missed entirely. Laminar recommended using automated workflow technologies within a tracking application as a solution. Healthpeak was interested in building custom solution to assist in streamlining and automating their leasing approval and tenant improvement day to day processes.

The lease approval and tenant improvement processes require several team members to perform multiple tasks at various levels of the company depending on the revenue size and complexity of the lease. The system needed to be flexible enough to allow for continued process changes and improvements as Healthpeak’s business needs change from time to time. The new system would also be required to help track steps documentation and lease analysis throughout the life of the lease process. This included team management document management and lease analysis at every step. This ensured every step was being performed to the standards set forth by the company.



Current systems give Healthpeak employees and management visibility not only into the process to identify bottlenecks but it allows them to analyze forecasts and approve all steps of a given transaction. This allows Healthpeak to pivot when needed and make adjustments to counter market changes. The application is continuing to expand into other areas of the business.


  • Approval and Rejection Workflow
  • Financial Analysis of each lease
  • Tennant Improvement workflow and analysis
  • Document Management
  • Integration into Documentum for Signatures
  • Team Management
  • End Results
  • Streamlined their business processes and gained efficiencies
  • Ability to quickly analyze all the lease parameters throughout the deal process.

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