7 Benefits of Augmented Reality for Business

By: Sean Cummings

January 3, 2022

7 Benefits of Augmented Reality for Business

While recently gaining more attention, Augmented Reality is not a new technology. In fact, AR technology is just over half a century old now, first developed in 1968 at Harvard University by computer scientist Ivan Sutherland.

Augmented reality has been used for decades in head-mounted displays for simulations in aviation and military applications and has been developed further by a host of contributors, from labs at universities to corporations to the military.

Growth in the AR space has been increasing, and each year seems like it could be the breakout year for this technology. So what can the newest developments in AR do to help your organization stay ahead of the competition today? 

Numerous benefits of augmented reality have the potential to enhance your business. In this article, we’re going to cover how companies are already capitalizing on this technology. Read on to discover a whole new world of opportunity for your business.

Enables self-service store navigation

Augmented reality can act as a salesperson at your customer’s fingertips, even in a brick-and-mortar store. For example, your store’s website could implement an AR feature that draws virtual turn-by-turn directions on the aisle floor to lead customers to the products they’re searching for. It could even be used to display dynamic content when customers point their phone at product packaging as Wish Farms did with their strawberry packaging in supermarkets.

Reduce returns with “try before you buy”

“Try Before You Buy” Augmented Reality is becoming extremely popular with online shoppers. More and more companies in the beauty and fashion industry are offering customers “Try it on before buying” AR features to let them see how the product looks on them, helping them choose the perfect sizes and colors, reducing the number of returns. Furniture and home décor businesses like IKEA are leveraging AR to show customers what a piece of furniture will look like in their homes.

Training for dangerous situations without the risks

The United States Army recently signed a $480 million dollar contract with Microsoft to license their HoloLens 2 technology for training, simulation, and combat. And while the investment was significant, the savings over time will be even more so. With this tech, soldiers are able to increase the effectiveness of their training without increasing their risk of harm.

But the Army isn’t the only one using HoloLens technology for training. The Mercedes-Benz Global Training center has started implementing HoloLens to visually examine cars as they work on them, using AR peer into the internals of the vehicle for details that are otherwise concealed from view.

Increasing safety in automobiles

Jaguar’s new Virtual Windscreen uses head-up-display technology and software-enhanced effects to show drivers real-time data that interacts with physical objects when viewed through the windshield of the vehicle. 

GMC is also using AR to provide a “transparent trailer view” option for their rear camera systems. And Mercedes has been using AR-enhanced navigation for a while now to place street names, turn instructions and the addresses of buildings over objects in the live camera view on their nav screens. They’re also working to roll out similar systems built into their windshields.

AR offers children new levels of interaction

Another company using AR tech includes BIC Kids, whose DrawyBook app enhances creative drawing for children with their DrawyBook tablet app. After creating their own artwork, kids can add even more colors and shapes to their drawings, bringing their artwork to life before their eyes.

AR opens up opportunities for immersive experiences

Content creators are now delving into AR with social networking apps that blend the technology with real-life experiences based on location. One such app is Snaappy, which empowers users to create AR videos and location-based messages. 

Users create and share location-based experiences with AR throughout their own cities. Other members can then experience the creations on their mobile devices when they’re in the same spot. Think Pokemon GO meets Instagram.

Other apps, such as Dance Reality, are bringing dance instructors right into people’s living rooms. The app even places virtual shoe prints on the floor that show students where to place their feet at every beat of the music. For those of us who would rather avoid the embarrassment of a real person watching you try to learn to dance, this app is a heaven-sent.

Augmented reality can reduce time spent on redundant tasks

Counting large quantities of items for things like inventory, shipping, or job cost estimations can be time-consuming and frustratingly boring for workers. AR is slashing the time spent doing this type of mundane taskwork down to near-instant results. The Count Things app uses augmented reality technology to deliver immediate and accurate measurements of bulk quantities like stacks of bricks, pallets of products, and rows of lumber. 

Users just have to point their phone camera at the items they’re needing to count, and the app does all the work. Inventory counts can be reduced to minutes from hours, saving money on labor costs while boosting the morale of team members that no longer have to be subjected to such drudgery.

When you’re ready to leverage augmented reality, call Laminar

No matter if you’re trying to develop an app to sell more products online or in-store, reduce redundant work for your teams, or simply bring a new form of entertainment into the world, Laminar Consulting has the expertise it takes to drive the project past the finish line.

Our team of augmented reality specialists has the in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to lead you from the initial concepting phase through development and quality assurance testing to the final launch. 

With Laminar, your ideas for augmented reality are transformed into working products that can be used to save your company money and time while reducing risk. Increase safety when training for dangerous work is needed, or help your customers try on a new watch. Whatever AR application you can dream of, Laminar can deliver.

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