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UI/UX Development

UI/UX developers are responsible for integrating principles of interactive and visual design for applications to achieve a cohesive, effective, and efficient user experience. This development relies on HTML, CSS, and other design tools to create responsive, user-friendly software interfaces that make getting desired results simple and intuitive.


UI/UX Services

At Laminar Consulting, we seek to optimize the user experience of whatever software application we develop. With efficient and intuitive UI and UX, it’s easier to create better workflows that not only are less frustrating but can even be enjoyable to use.

UI Concept Creation

To fully understand how users will interact with software in real-world use cases, creating concepts of user interfaces can provide valuable feedback about how the application will truly be utilized to carry out tasks and produce desired outcomes.

Laminar Consulting can help refine the UI of your software by creating concepts for real-world user testing, ensuring you get the best outcomes when you deploy it across your organization.

Web User Interface Development

Sometimes applications are best deployed in a web browser environment. Whether your software is being developed for desktop web, mobile web, or a mobile app, user interface design is always a key consideration as we are building your solution. The UI/UX design process is an integral part of the software development cycle.

Mobile App UI Development

UI development is crucial to the success of any mobile app, whether it’s for internal use only or sold to the general public as a SaaS. Laminar Consulting always ensure the UI design of the mobile apps we develop is one of the primary focuses during the development process.

UX/UI Development Services for Cross-platform Apps

By leveraging cross-platform development approaches, your company is enabled to deploy software across various platforms, including mobile web, desktop, or mobile apps. Cross-platform development allows a single piece of software to be used regardless of the platform users are running the software on, such as iOS or Android.

Desktop App UI Design and Development

Most web-based apps look identical on either Mac or Windows platforms, while apps installed locally on desktop computers can look and feel different on a Mac than a Windows computer.

Desktop software on Mac desktops is subject to macOS Human Interface Guidelines. These guidelines by Apple specify what UI elements designers should use for specific user interactions to ensure a uniform experience for the end-user. For example, common UI elements like dialogs, popovers, and help tags are not entirely customizable for Mac systems.

Conversely, on Windows systems, UI elements are entirely customizable, affording designers more freedom with styles much in the same way web apps do. That said, good designers will still double-check to ensure their UIs follow standard UI patterns from the Universal Windows Platform guidelines to avoid confusing users.


Laminar Consulting partners with the leaders of Technology & Digital platforms to create the best possible solutions designed by industry-proven professionals.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is UI design?

UI design stands for User Interface design, which is the creation or iteration of the numerous ways in which users must interact with a piece of software or technology to achieve their desired results.

What is UX design?

UX design stands for User Experience design, which is often used interchangeably but has a slightly different meaning. UX design is more about how users feel when using a particular user interface (UI).

It’s difficult to separate UX from UI because they really go hand in hand when it comes to the actual design process for developers.

Why do you need UX/UI design?

Without a clean, easily understandable user interface, the user experience will be less efficient and discourage users from delving deeper into the software to learn it. Also, features of the software application may be missed or misused when UX/UI design isn’t fully tested.

Can you do UI without UX?

If you have a software application, there’s no real way to separate UI from UX. Anytime there’s a user interface that end users are working with, those users have an experience. Sometimes user experiences are good, and other times their experience is less than ideal.

An optimal software experience starts with UX and is followed by UI. It’s crucial to always remember that UX and UI go hand-in-hand—you can’t have one without the other.

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