Java Application Development

Java Application Development

Java Application Development Services

When you need a Java software development company with the experience to get the job done perfectly, Laminar Consulting is here to help. Our seasoned team of full-stack Java developers works on client projects across the globe. By leveraging the latest Java technology stack, we’re able to develop cross-platform applications that seamlessly work across desktop, web, and mobile devices.

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Java Software Development Services

The full-stack Java development team at Laminar is continually building on their Java knowledge base. Their dedication enables them to deliver premium quality, full-cycle development that includes design, deployment, testing, maintenance, and support. 

By leveraging the power of Agile development in Java, we’re able to create a wide range of custom software products that fully realize the dreams and needs of our clients.

Java Development Expertise

Laminar Consulting provides mid to large companies with Java development services including:

  • Java web application development
  • Java mobile app development
  • Desktop application development
  • Java cross-platform development
  • Backend Java development
  • Cloud application development using Java
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Java Application Development?

In essence, Java development provides information solutions. These solutions can be applications and system solutions that affect entire organizations. Java applications often serve as the support structure for businesses and help improve user experiences.

Where is Java used?

Java is one of the more prevalent programming languages and is widely used as the server-side language for most back-end development projects. These projects can include everything from big data systems to Android development. Java is also used very often for desktop computing, mobile computing, running games, as well as basic numerical computing.

Is Java the same As Python?

Java and Python are not the same, and in fact, operate much differently at their core. While Java is a statically typed and compiled language, and Python is a dynamically typed and interpreted language.

This core difference enables Java to operate faster while being easier to debug than Python. However, Python is easier to use and read than Java.

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