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Why My Developers Heart QA

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Why My Developers Heart QA

Entering into an organization with nonexistent or a weak QA team has its challenges. Typically overcoming bad past experiences with testers is usually the first task. It’s not uncommon to find testers who have business experience but lack formal testing experience. It’s not enough to simply test the front end without understanding database design, stored procedures and formalizing a proper test approach for that which cannot be seen and is not obvious. Bad testing makes developers feel testing is a waste of time.



Having a good relationship with developers means getting more information, and the more information I get, the more defects can be rooted out before UAT. Testing isn’t about reporting screw-ups and pointing fingers…our test team is there to help developers deliver high quality software with the fewest production bugs possible.  Much can be learned about a system by the defects that are uncovered. This knowledge can be leveraged to help development and QA deliver higher quality code more quickly in future releases.



Development teams I’ve worked with in the past quickly realize this isn’t typical QA, and learn to trust and use our testing expertise to focus testing on high risk areas of an application.



We already know you’re awesome… we’re here to make you more awesome!



By Christina Clay, Quality Assurance Manager, Laminar Consulting


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