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I have this at home why don’t we have it at the office?

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I have this at home why don’t we have it at the office?

Undoubtedly we will continue to see this trend more frequently as the popularity of mobile devices continues to grow in our personal lives. Gartner is forecasting more than 2.3 billion mobile devices will ship worldwide this year. In addition they expect a 68 percent hike in tablets over 2012 levels. It’s no wonder why executives are asking IT to look into taking advantage of mobile technology.

When evaluating existing applications for mobility one must keep in mind the original purpose and intent of that software in order to accurately assess where it fits into an enterprise mobile strategy if at all. A key question to ask is does it add value? Some companies simply repurpose a web application and say it’s ready for the mobile platform. This approach doesn’t often lead to a usable mobile app and as a consequence low adoption rates.

Planning is vital. If your organization doesn’t currently have a mobile support strategy or IT resources with previous experience take note and don’t get caught up in hype. Laminar Consulting can help guide you through common pitfalls and suggest strategic solutions.

Ask yourself…

*Which Platform are we going to support? Different sizes make a difference.
*Phone vs. Tablet?
*Operating Systems?
*Is BYOD a part of the strategy and if not how do personal devices at the work place weigh into the equation?
* Will it be a web application or a native application? What does it take to support both?
*Internal vs. External Applications?
*Do you have the Specialized Developer Skills in House to support such an effort?
*Security Risks?
*Polices and Governance?

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