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Agency vs. Consultancy 3 Key Differences that affect your business

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Agency vs. Consultancy 3 Key Differences that affect your business

Agency vs. Consultancy

Increasingly, clients want better coordination between their IT and marketing departments, between their Chief Information Officers and Chief Marketing Officers.

There are many consulting companies, or digital agencies, who are experts in one function or the other. Few, if any, do both, and even fewer can integrate deep technical and creative capabilities as part of their service offering.  

The right mix can allow you to gain insights and skills that make digital marketing and integration efforts even more effective and simpler to manage, in both the front and back end.


Here are some tips to remember when engaging an outside firm:

  • Leave the Creative to Creative Services: Consulting companies by nature focus on line of business applications which are consumed by internal employees.  Often the focus is on functionality and not User Experience or User Interphases.  It’s unusual for consulting companies to have art directors and artists as part of their development teams.  They rely on business analyst’s developers and testers to build business solutions.


  • Beware of Agencies saying they can do it all:  Agencies will often claim they have deep technical expertise. A technical practice has completely different set of skillsets and they require a deep knowledge of either building a system from scratch or integrating with an existing system. If your Agency says they can do it all make sure you check references. Just because they have large clients as customers doesn’t mean they have the know-how.



  • Benefits of Partnering Companies:  Because each area of discipline is completely different, there is a benefit to using companies that have partnered.  Using a consultancy to tie into systems of record and having the creative to work on ease of usability can make a huge difference in the outcome of such a project. We suggest looking at companies that have partnered together to deliver a solution.


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