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3 Tips for Better CRM Adoption

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3 Tips for Better CRM Adoption

Challenge:  Anyone who has spent time in a sales department has heard groaning over a company’s CRM. In fact, between 25 and 60% of CRM projects fail to meet expectations according to a variety of studies conducted over the past decade:


  • Salespeople don’t want to be bogged down in unnecessary work and detail. Sales want actionable information on their leads – they don’t want to feel like they are drowning in meaningless info. That’s why so many organizations are focusing on the insight. Users get relevant, actionable data using information from the activities logged in let you keep tabs on all the sales KPIs you need


  •  I’m not a Data Entry Clerk: Salespeople are the primary users and a major beneficiary of CRM systems. Salespeople’s incomes depend upon their commission which is usually earned thanks to their solid people skills and persistent follow-up. The pressure is on to hit numbers and it doesn’t take long for a sales person to give up on taking notes instead of being in front of customers.  A common complaint is way too much data entry which doesn’t help them land the next deal


  • The future is building Apps that will answer common sales rep complaints of cluttered interfaces, battery drain and security. App usability is critical for sales rep success, especially those who work on the road and need tools that work in front of their customers

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