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Mobility taking on Customer Support

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According to a Gartner article from January 2015.  “Automation and intelligence agents are reducing the percentage of customer support interactions that require a human to solve. Looking across industries and the world, nearly 60 percent of customer service interactions required the intervention of a human support agent in 2014. Gartner predicts that this will be cut nearly in half over the next 24 months through more radical self-service, communities, alerts and mobile devices.” 

 Helpful Tips 

  • Leverage mobile technology to engage with customers on their terms is the first step.
  • Business Operations must be reimagined giving the customer more control over where when and how they engage with you.
  • Transactions must execute as close to real-time and provide the user with immediate feedback with minimal intrusion on their lives. 
  • Customized self-service becomes the model that users demand and organizations must adapt to.

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