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App Hell and 5 ways we get ourselves there

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App Hell and 5 ways we get ourselves there

Problem:  App Hell is when your company has built way too many apps that have similar functionality, poor integration and are difficult to use and keep updated. It’s a common failure for larger organizations to fall into this pattern of building redundant and often poorly functioning applications via a one off approach

Here are a few symptoms of App Hell:

  • Agencies are great at developing conceptual ideas but they aren’t very good at understanding existing systems and how they can be leveraged through integrations. They also don’t typically plan for maintenance and content delivery as they mostly focus on brand and the user experience.    


  • App Explosion: It’s common for companies to approach Apps in single solutions based upon a need at that time.  Often Product Managers do not want to wait for the IT department to deliver a solution and since they work closely with marketing, they use an agency to create a solution.  In most cases, an app that is built around a particular product can also be made to serve multiple areas of a business.  This is what leads to so many apps being built.


  • Competing for Attention: A key reason why so many apps are created and go unused comes down to getting the attention of the sales team. If there are apps that are considered redundant or have poor functionality, they get lost in the noise of the day to day activities of a sales person.


  • The future is building Apps that will answer common sales rep complaints of cluttered interfaces, battery drain and security. App usability is critical for sales rep success, especially those who work on the road and need tools that work in front of their customers.


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