Angular Development Services

Angular Development Services

AngularJS Development Services

Laminar Consulting regularly uses the Angular framework for front-end development for our clients. When you need a development team with deep experience in Angular, contact Laminar.

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Leverage Laminar’s Angular Expertise For Your Enterprise

Front-end development is a core service we provide at Laminar Consulting. We are seasoned experts at developing complex web solutions based on a wide range of technologies including the AngularJS framework. Our team can utilize Angular for a variety of use-cases.

ERP Solutions

Laminar Consulting has a leading team of developers for implementing and integrating ERP solutions for mid to large enterprises.

Procurement Systems

Automate your procurement processes with the help of Laminar’s expert development team.

SPA Development

Laminar Consulting has a proven track record of developing single-page applications for enterprises spanning many different types of industries. Because SPA involves only one page working within a browser, the page only needs to load once, with all the core elements remaining while the dynamic content changes based on user actions. Hence, SPA enables far faster load times than traditional web apps.

Merits Of Implementing Angular

There are many merits of utilizing Angular, making it one of the most popular frameworks for developing custom web apps today.

Because Angular is open-source with over 600 contributors on GitHub, Angular development is constantly being forged ahead. 

As a JS framework, there are loads of features built-in without complex installations required. AngularJS app development can deliver solid cross-platform performance, as it’s based on a mobile-first philosophy.

Yet another benefit of Angular is that exclusive use for client-side frameworks is possible, enabling easy project integration without major back-end modifications.

Finally, Angular is developed with the principles of testing at the forefront, helping to deliver faster web development overall.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Angular Software Development?

Angular is a software development platform that empowers developers with tools to build large, dependable, and robust mobile apps. One of the key merits of Angular is that using it to build apps ensures they’ll work across all platforms, from web to mobile to desktop.

What are the main benefits of Angular?
  • Defaults out of the box provide everything needed for development
  • Angular utilizes TypeScript, keeping code squeaky clean and easy to find bugs
  • Codebase consistency
What are the best cases for using the Angular Framework?

Laminar Consulting leverages Angular to build enterprise-level web apps. Angular’s use of TypeScript delivers the quality control needed for large-scale project development

Angular is also ideal for apps that demand content dynamically changing based on user behavior and preferences.

Finally, Angular can be utilized for building progressive web apps. With the new CLI commands of Angular 6, developers can more readily convert their web apps into progressive web apps.

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